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In the spirit of generosity - Dana

When God created the first human, 
He took him and led him around all the trees of the Garden of Eden 
and said to him:
"Look at My works, how beautiful and praiseworthy they are! 
And all that I have created was for you that I created it. 
Pay attention that you do not corrupt and destroy My world:
if you corrupt it, no one will repair it after you."

”Morzzy Place“, where our house is, where you are staying, is non-profit.

The desire to share beauty and abundance is the motive.

"Dana" is generosity or giving but not just in the sense of money. It depicts a vital and sublime human virtue. It is experienced as a fundamental principle in the universe. The sun gives its light to the tree; the tree gives its leaves and fruits to the earth; the earth nourishes the tree.

Relationships of interdependence. Constant flow. 

Money that passes from hand to hand symbolizes the cycles in nature, turnover, flow, like water. It departs from one to the other and, on the way, allows things to happen. In the end, you cannot take it with you. You must pass it on.

Any amount will be received with appreciation and joy, allowing us to continue maintaining and developing the place.


Dana produces happiness and liberation, while greed and striving for more create suffering.

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