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Workshop Prices & payment policy

Morzzy Place is a private farm where we live. 

The house itself is out of bounds.

We invite you to hold various workshops suitable for a maximum of 20 participants in the octagonal room, in the yard, in the olive grove or by the pool. ​

 Guests can enjoy the swimming pool next to which a long dining table for shared meals is located, a coffee corner throughout the day, a designated area for lighting a fire and a Tabun oven where pizzas can be made.

Toilets and showers are located nearby the olive grove at the camping area.

The outdoor kitchen is at your disposal when you choose to cook your meals. We prefer you place a dedicated employee for cooking.


Using the space for a day workshop cost 2000NIS.

Hosting longer workshops is based on the number of participants. (Including  facilitators) 

First night 250 NIS per person.

Two nights 480 NIS per person.

 Accommodation in our camping site. 

 guest could use their private tent or shared accommodation in the Milky Way hut. (no linen, mattress only)

You could get a set of linen for 50 NIS.

The use of the Glamping tents involves an additional fee.

Venus & Zohar - 400 NIS per night (2 beds with linen)

Comet & Luna - 1000 NIS per night (5 beds with linen)

 Two pampering rooms inside the house are available for 

500 NIS per night each.

We could offer our vegetarian catering service for extra cost based on a custom menu.

we ask:

Do not enter the residence. Do not bring animals. Do not light a fire in the yard except in the fire areas. Do not bring food or drink into the octagonal room. Keep the place clean and tidy as obtained.


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